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Goodbye, Instagram integration!

September 03, 2022

Goodbye, Instagram

You might have noticed, if you ever used our instgram integration, that things kept breaking in various places. We kept noticing that a bit too late and spent a lot of time trying to fix that.

But those days are over now. We’ve decided to axe instagram support and forget about supporting “social media” that Meta company develops.

There is very little in terms of ‘social’ about any platforms that Meta develops (WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram). They do everything they can to distance from outside world and make it hard for anyone else to access their data.

There are at least couple of ways to access instagram data, but all of them are unreliable for us to offer as a part of commercial product. Even if we continued, we couldn’t assure anyone that it will be working flawlessly.

For those brave souls, that would still like to have access to instagram. It’s still possible to generate good old RSS out of public instagram profile.

  • RSSHub is a great self-hosted option, it’s one of most popular RSS bridge projects in the wild. You might ask around your geek friends, they probably host one and they will share access to it. Or if you don’t have any geeks friends around, PikaPods offers fantastic hosting for open source projects with very competitive price (they also give back to community).

  • is a great managed solution and it will take off all the hassle for you. Plug your instagram profile, get RSS and add it to briefcake. Should be easy.

Good news, though, that we’re lazer focused now on getting feeds working perfectly! as always, we’re looking forward to your feedback, don’t hesitate to write us a note.