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Welcome to new cofounder and new product strategy

June 25, 2022

My name is Stas and I silently took over more than a year ago. Been running and working on it ever since.

It’s been more than 9 years since Google Reader shut down. All other RSS readers I tried didn’t stick around for long in my toolbox. Couldn’t stop wondering why? Once offer to take over came along – I jumped on it to figure that out, with very little idea what I’m getting into. It took some time to understand entire RSS to newsletter landscape and how this project can move forward.

While on this quest, I haven’t forgotten to improve project to ensure that it will evolve easily into future.

  • Landing page redesigned to better explain appeal of our service
  • App design has been slowly morphing into new forms
  • Been working on integration with Instagram and YouTube
  • Fixed a lot of complaints
  • Significantly simplified entire service to ensure that maintenance burden is minimal
  • Moved all services that we rely on to Europe, to ensure that data of our users is respected

We now have a very simple project, that is easy to manage. It has been incredibly stable and entire operation could be run on a budget. I also developed a clear vision for projects future and happy to make a couple of big announcements.

  • Leonid is joining forces with me as a cofounder. He previously gave me a hand with redesign and we worked so well together, that we’ve decided to continue our work on this project together, but under more equal terms.
  • We’re extending our free package even further, all “rss to newsletter” specific features will have a livable free tier. But there will be also more premium features, like integration with social networks.

We are dedicated to make this service affordable and available for everyone. I’m so excited to see us grow together this project, that we’ve decided to share our excitement with over people offering a 50% lifetime discount for our next hundred users- coupon code is LEONID.